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Yunho dating keri hilson who is she dating

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Recently U-Know Yunho and Park Soo Jin were spotted attending the musical, "Finding Kim Jong Wook"which stars Yunho's other best friend, Kang Dong Ho.

Just like everyone else Park Soo Jin and Yunho got off from the same van and lined up to purchase tickets.

”To this Yunho replied “Yes, I seem to have a cold, unapproachable look so I do get a lot of misunderstanding” and “When it comes to the person I like, I go all in.

If it’s not someone I like, I just treat them like a sibling”Netizens’ responses to Yunho’s comments were positive - “Yunho’s love/dating style is very manly, not afraid to step up”, “Clearly going up to a woman and telling her your intentions makes it better”, and “Yunho isn’t the type of guy to fall for any person so easily”TVXQ has recently comeback with track “Something” and are actively promoting it on live broadcasts.

so weird to think TVXQ is getting into public relationships now ㅋㅋ Just 5-6 years ago, fans would've never expected it..

TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho participated in a radio interview today on KBS 2FM’s ‘Lee Sora’s Kayo Plaza,’ January 13th.

But if you looked at the individual Jung Yunho, he would be trustworthy and good.” While speaking of romantic relationships, his way of starting a relationship with a woman he is attracted to includes a simple straight forward approach. He brought up his SM junior Yoona, and her boyfriend Lee Seung Gi.

Article: [Exclusive] 'TVXQ' Yunho and Seo Yeji begin a new relationship as lovers... [ 15, -3] They're a great match but don't articles like this require at least proof pictures? considering Yunho has gone to the same coffee shop owned by his friends on his rare days off for the past couple months it's hard to see how he could also be dating someone... I still wish it would be true though, I want my oppar to be LOOOOOOOVVVEEEDDDDDDD it's not confirmed to be fake just because reps denied it, but it's just unlikely to be true since Sportsseoul ain't got no receipts and the whiff of media play for NWJ is strong.

blossomed from a drama Source: Sports Seoul via Nate 1. and I've just noticed that all of the articles on GD and Kiko have disappeared. Feels weird to know that an idol I once really liked is now dating! but you also never know, Yunho's been a dark horse before...

“When I first heard the news, I thought ‘The world has gotten better.

I hope I can be in love like them some day,’” said U-Know Yunho.