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Now I just want to import these contacts into a Nokia 301, which runs Nokia Symbian S40, and yes some people still use this kind of phones, obviously not me :) Nokia PC Suite was a nice tool by Nokia, if and only if it worked with your phone.In order to make it to recognise the device I had to install specific versions of the software (Nokia PC Suite version and specific version of the Nokia Connectivity Cable driver (version with sounds are not recognized by the Mobile device and that’s why such events are not transferred correctly.

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That is not the case for me, as well as other affected users. But the software giant can at least be blamed for failing to keep its word when it comes to the seamless transition (for the majority of its users).

It is caused by the fact that i Photo gives names with special characters to folders, while such names may be not supported on other operating systems. Synchronization of i Cal/Microsoft Entourage events and Address Book on your Mac with S40 Nokia 6700c is not supported. Accidental deletion of some entries from the device and further removal of the same entries from Mac (or vice versa) during synchronization cannot be considered as the reason for refund because Sync Mate is a sync tool and works according to its specifications.

Every now and then we have to change phones and transfer contacts from one device to another.

there are four alternatives in that link that don't involve resetting your phone. Edit: in case it's not obvious, you can click on each solution to expand it and see the full instructions.

When I sync my contacts/events/notes/to-dos are duplicated. The problem you described usually happens when you make changes in events and then switch the synchronization direction and try to sync modified entries without previous synchronization.