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Dating rituals around the world

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While casual dating is mainly a Western invention, some countries in the East have adopted some form of dating.

Here are eight different dating practices from around the world.

Every culture has its own traditions and customs extending into all aspects of life.

One of the most intriguing elements of any society is their dating practices and the way gender roles are defined and played out.

Because it’s against the law, young Iranian women actually borrow their relatives’ babies to go out and meet their men or invite a friend along as a ‘shield’ so they don’t get arrested. Instead of the customary American one-on-one dates, Italians reportedly enjoy group outings.

In fact, according to one bella Italiana, 22-year-old ‘Isabella’, “Many boys … So the girl makes him understand she likes him so then they can ‘arrange’ to go out together, beginning with ice cream or a movie.” Bottom line: Once you get Italian men to warm up to you, they’re caldissimo.

The Ups & Downs Of Dating Around The World By Laura Schreffler Think you’ve got it rough?

Personally, we prefer that method to the armpit apple, but we're not judging.

India is a country still steeped in tradition and family values.

Whatever someone does in public reflects on their family as well as their own reputation.

Dating is not commonplace however, except for in larger cities like Mumbai.

Even so, people are expected to only date according to what their family wants, and must date within the same religion or caste.